At 11:10 this morning, 5 Guys finally opened their doors. A handful of eager things-between-buns enthusiasts were waiting to be let in, while the owner apparently dealt with last minute issues with his landlord. In any event, the place looks, well, fine. It’s spacious and airy, but the decor is pretty minimal and inexpensive. Let’s just say they’re not really looking to compete with Mel’s in terms of atmosphere. The highlight is definitely the completely exposed kitchen, where you can see your meal being prepared in various oily ways. The menu is pretty simple: burgers with the option of cheese and/or bacon plus free toppings, and three iterations of a veggie/cheese sandwich. The meat is fresh and can only be ordered well-done. We’ll be posting an in-depth comparative review of the two joints, once our Beef Patty Bureau Chiefs return from their well-earned vacations (though we did wave hi to the Spectrum editor and he said the fries were gross). In the meantime, enjoy these photos and let us know what you think for yourself!

Warning! Don’t go near this place if you have peanut allergies