Boringside Heights: Under Construction

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Looks like Milano is getting a facelift. The Milano men tell us they’re reconfiguring the doors, following their recent counter makeover. Give us two doors again, please!

Update: Looks like they’re getting two doors! Someone we spoke to at Milano said the construction should be done by today. Expect two doors on the right side of the checkout counter. And, if you care, the Milano cashiers prefer the new style because they like being behind one fancy counter all together. Cute.

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  1. ...  

    now if only someone would bulldoze that eyesore between 113th and 120th...

  2. CC'13

    i love those milano ladies, they are always so sweet, even when you pay with flex.

  3. CC'13

    i love those milano men, they always make such great manly sandwiches.

  4. CC'13

    i love those milano transvestites, they are totally awesome and would definitely give you a reach around.

  5. Aardvark Nonstop  

    Now if only they would start taking their sandwich cards again. I've been holding onto a full card for about three years, awaiting the day they own up to the fact that they owe me a delicious chicken parm.

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