Boringside Heights: We’re Baaaaack!

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Things happen in Morningside Heights, even when you’re busy gettin’ your tan on in Punta Cana or frolicking through Canada! Quite a few changes have come to these Boringside Heights. Could it be that our humble little neighborhood may no longer be—dare we say it—boring?!


  • In more cash storage news, the Hartley Hospitality Desk has also acquired a register. Gotta keep those quarters somewhere!
  • As we saw earlier this week, Milano now has two doors and one check out counter. Sweeeeeeet.

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  1. Spring Break  


  2. Anonymous  

    Is Five Guys open again???

  3. Anonymous

    the display case at joe's has been there for at least a week before spring break started.

  4. Anonymous  

    When does Five Guys open?

  5. Anonymous  

    It will always be Pinnacle.

    And when the new freshmen class starts calling it UniCafe, I will be so confused.

  6. hewitt granola  

    does anyone know where it's from? it's delicious!

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