Boringside Heights: Latte Lids

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Have any major changes come to our little neck of Boringside Heights? Sort of. It seems that Dining knows how hard it is to hold a cup of coffee or tea while rushing to class (or sneaking drinks into Butler). This convenient Starbucks-style latte lid was spotted in John Jay by a perceptive and caffeine-addicted Bwogger.

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  1. Anonymous  

    JJ is closed today, and was closed yesterday...this news is at least 2 days old

  2. Anonnopotamus  

    The lids are an improvement, but the cups are still incredibly small...

  3. the magnitude of this  

    cannot be exaggerated

  4. wait  

    since when could you not bring drinks into butler

  5. Is it just me  

    or has ferris had these forever?

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