Election 2011: Full List of CCSC Candidates Released

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Before online voting

The Elections Board has released the full set of candidates for this year’s CCSC elections, and there are lots them! Nearly every election is contested. Five parties and an independent rep, are vying to represent 2013, while three full parties are each gunning for 2014 class council and the E-board. The race for the 2012 class council is much less competitive, but one representative position is contested. The field for USenate is very crowded, but it appears that no one’s running for Academic Affairs Rep or Pre-Professional Rep. Check out the full list of candidates and the elections calendar after the jump.

Executive Board

CUCharge: Aki Terasaki (President), Ryan Cho (VP–Policy), Jasmine Senior (VP–Campus Life), Kevin Zhai (VP–Funding), Virat Gupta (VP–Communications)

UniteCU: Andrew Nguyen (President), Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti (VP-Policy), Megan Carley (VP–Campus Life), Brandon Christophe (VP–Funding), Alana Tung (VP–Communications)

Better Columbia: Barry Weinberg (President), Ganiatu Afolabi (VP–Policy), Wilfred Chan (VP–Campus Life), Steele Sternberg (VP–Funding), Varun Char (VP–Communications)

2012 Class Council

iParty: Sarah Chai (President), Kylie Rogers (VP), Rohit Iragavarapu, Wesley Yip, Randy Subramany

Independent Class Representative Candidate: Hannah Wilentz

2013 Class Council

Pete-ception: Peter Batesko (President), Zachariah Reitano (VP), Samantha Falotico, Max Bartick, Tala Akhavan

Five Guys: Alex Jasiulek (President), Michelle Vallejo (VP), Ryan Mandelbaum, Maricela Gonzalez, Lucy Wang

The BOLD Party: Mario Rosser (President), Eleanor Stein (VP), Elizabeth Angeles, Kyle Robertson, Justin Yang

League: Jide Adebayo (President), Asher Hecht-Bernstein (VP), Adebayo Adesomo, Rebecca Clark, Michael Abramson

Social Justice: John Kenney (President), David Bowles (VP), Angela Qian

Independent Class Representative Candidate: Eugene Wu

2014 Class Council

Kiwi Krew: Conan Cassidy (President), Joanna Kelly (VP), Daphne Chen, Cristal James, Roko Rumora

Take 5: Alex Donnelly (President), Ben Xue (VP), Sarita Patankar, Marcela Johnson, Danielle Cosentino

The New Yorkers (and Hamza): Patrick Galarza (President), Floyd Patrick St.Bernard-Springer (VP), Hamza Ali Khan, Phylicia Hisel, Scarlett Tohme

University Senate (2 elected): Alex Frouman, Martin Willner, Matthew Chou, Jorge Christopher (Chris) Canales, Dylan Lonergan, Steven Castellano, Eduardo Santana, Richard Medina, Jacqueline Parker

Student Services Representative (2 elected): Karishma Habbu, Christina (Chen Mun) Fan

CCSC Elections Calendar

April 4, 2011 at 9am – April 10, 2011 at 5 pm  — Campaigning (subject to change)

April 10, 2011 at 5pm until the end of elections — Moratorium; no campaigning permitted

April 10, 2011 at times tbd — Debate (We’ll let you know when they’ve been scheduled!)

April 11, 2011 at time TBA — Elections Voting Kick-off on Low Plaza

April 11, 2011 – April 13, 2011 — Elections voting (online)

Results announced after 6pm on April 13, 2011


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  1. Nate Levick  

    Ooh!! Exciting.

  2. Anonymous  

    Isn't is Kiwi Krew?

  3. Jester

    Where is the Destroy the Lerner Piano Lounge Party?

  4. WTF  

    There's a Social Justice party? Hahahaha!

  5. Anonymous

    Isn't Barry the new SBG pres? Can you hold both positions?

  6. where  

    is karishma habbu? i thought she was sue yang 2.0

  7. ban frats on campus!  

    ccsc, as the voice of reason in a strange strange world I hope you are listening!

    • Wow...  

      thank you for being a broken fuckin record. if you want frats and sororities off campus go create some new student group and do some meaningless protesting like all the other orgs on campus that think they're making some profound impact.

      seriously... greek life has been on university campuses nation-wide for so damn long. they're part of the college experience and will definitely stay ingrained that way in the future. just stfu and live with it.

      • ban frats on campus!  

        you're welcome! I love record players. Have you ever listened to box of rain on LP? so much better.

        • Wow again  

          Actually I haven't... perhaps I'll look into it. I like electro though so I suppose some songs do sound like they're on a broken record player at times.

          Anyways, for what it's worth, I'm not part of Greek life. But I'm just saying maybe you should go do something about it instead of complaining on Bwog... over and over again.

  8. Anonymous  

    why does bwog post student government stuff?

  9. Anonymous  

    Im voting for the league and their juicy zigs

  10. Anonymous  

    CuCharge has my vote!

  11. not so anonymous

    technically it's not against any rules. however it's really REALLY a conflict of interest, as the councils fund SGB. it's irresponsible to run for both positions.

    • Anonymous

      Didn't Beezly, ABC president, run for CCSC and say he would step down if elected last year? This is obviously what Barry will probably do--obviously he can't negotiate with himself at [email protected] I think CU Charge's VP of Policy is running for ABC Chair, too.

  12. Anonymous  

    Yea man League all the way...I heard those guys want to do some great things for the class of 2013

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