Back to school fashion

A hodgepodge of headlines graced Bwog’s virtual news desk this week.

Sexless and the City: Web Warps Libidos of Coked-up Careerists. What a lede! Money quote: “Sex is antithetical to the way they socialize, disruptive to the larger plan, a gateway to chaos in a digitally ordered world.” Basically all of us twenty-somethings are sexless narcissistic fools. Tis a shame. (Observer)

But sex survives! The internet now has a Red Light District porn domain under the suffix .xxx. Say you wanted to go to and accidentally left out the “Z.” In the days of yore, you’d get porn. No longer. (Reuters)

We’re trendy! Legitimately good restaurants— Cascabel, Ditch Planes, Xi’an Famous Foods galore! —have been eyeing our humble hood. (GrubStreet)

Still, some remain fond of the Morningside’s low-tech originals. Those internet enslaved writers, just trying to disconnect and be productive, flock to our local haunt. Self-control is obsolete. (WSJ)

Police nabbed the stealthy and nimble “Spidey thief” who scaled our hallowed walls. (DNAinfo)

Also all the rage: Montaigne. He’s “having a moment.” (NYTimes Book Review)

Chocolate-dipped strawberries and booze in an Upper East Side duplex—just another History department fundraiser thrown by nostalgic alums. (WSJ)

Columbia partners with a TriBeCa halfway house to treat college students struggling with addictions. Proof that the sketchy Butler Big Brother filming you has a purpose. (DNAinfo)

The SAT forces silly children off their high horses. An essay prompt on reality TV stumped the College Confidential fiends. Horrors. (NYTimes)

Kudos to Claire Korir, Fressia Levine, Hayley Milliman, Mbali Zondi, Renee Slajka and Reni Callister, who spent their Spring breaks teaching leadership classes to high school students in Johannesburg, South Africa. The global symposium featured DSpar and other influential “women changing Africa.” And Reni tweeted. (Barnard)

And the situation in Libya is rapidly escalating. NYTimes, Al-Jazeera (Prezbo endorsed) and BBC keep you in the know.

Hooke and Busby via Wikimedia.