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Morningside Almanac: Week of 9/15

The Greenmarket is here every Thursday and Sunday. Every Thursday, Bwog brings you the weekly highlights. Ostrich enthusiasts of Morningside rejoice! Roaming Acres ostrich farm are back at the market today with their delicious and very healthy ostrich steaks, burgers, jerky and more. The market expects a fresh shipment of grapes and grape juice, direct […]

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It Begins.

Eager fans have just started trickling in. Overheard from an earlybird: “I feel like I’m first in line at the Apple Store for the iPad2.” The lawn is divided into four quadrants which will be opened as people show up. They’re definitely checking IDs, but bringing in bags seems to be fine. Just don’t bring […]

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CCSC: Partyin, Partyin, Yeah! Edition

CCSC met. Brian Wagner tells all. The Council held this week’s meeting in Lerner Party Space, so everyone was ready for a good time. In addition, CCSC wants everyone to know that College Days have begun! Though their opening ceremony yesterday may not have been free of controversy (one rep apologized–“I’m sorry you hate V-necks!”), […]

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Potty Philosophy by a Party Pooper

In Hungarian, some guy took half an hour in the bathroom—and left behind this list “Sentences on Conceptual Parties.” Sol Lewitt muses on the rationality and irrationality of parties.

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Overheard: Where the Hedonists Head

This weekend spawned some particularly sparkly gems. First, in the wee hours of the morning, a fairly intoxicated guy and girl approach the sign-in desk. The guy swipes in, but the girl lingers for a moment. She needs to be signed in: Guy: Oh, so you go to Barnard? Girl: Um, yeah. Is that a […]

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Bwoglines: So Close, Yet So So Far Edition

Yoko Ono sold out her Japan benefit concert at Miller Theater tonight. You can second-best it and watch it on CUTV. (The Examiner) Aretha Franklin celebrated her 69th birthday at ‘a posh New York City hotel’ with Clive Davis, Smokey Robinson and Tony Bennett to name a few…not including us. (The Big Talker) Nintendo 3DS […]

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Back To School Bwoglines: The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

A hodgepodge of headlines graced Bwog’s virtual news desk this week. Sexless and the City: Web Warps Libidos of Coked-up Careerists. What a lede! Money quote: “Sex is antithetical to the way they socialize, disruptive to the larger plan, a gateway to chaos in a digitally ordered world.” Basically all of us twenty-somethings are sexless […]

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LectureHop: Arianna Huffington, Joan Didion and the Speccies

Print journalism enthusiasts Claire Sabel and Carolyn Ruvkun scored invites to CSAAD, Columbia Spectator’s Annual Awards Dinner, held this year at the Columbia Club in midtown. Speccies schmoozed, Arianna Huffington charmed, and hobnobbing ensued. “Journalism is not a spectator sport,” declared Arianna Huffington. It was an unfortunate choice of words, since the media mogul was […]

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