Learned Foote now drives this to meetings.

CCSC sayeth; Brian Wagner jotteth down and reporteth.

  • As the 70+ candidates for next years student council gathered in the meeting, Learned announced that this marks a 50% increase in candidates running for CCSC. Columbia students may not be having sex, but hey, at least they’re becoming politically active.
  • The Council agrees—the mail center lines are too damn long. It resolved to extend Mail Service hours during the first five weeks of school (NSOP and the first four weeks of classes) to 9 pm on weekdays and normal business hours on Saturdays. Additionally, the Council recommended installing a security camera in the hallway with live internet feed, so that students can check the line length at any time (or Prezbo/Big Brother can keep tabs on what your family is sending you.) The Council also suggested that Mail Services send students email notifications that their snail-mailbox is full (rather than continue their current policy of placing a paper slip in obviously neglected mailbox) and forward Netflix DVDs to regular mailboxes instead of the package center.
  • You grumbled, the CSA listened. Monique Rinere, Dean of the Center for Student Advising, asked the council for feedback regarding the new CSA in Lerner. Rinere emphasized that students unsatisfied with their current advisor may switch advisors after meeting with them, and  your former advisor will take no offense. She hopes this will encourage students to give the CSA another chance. Advisors are ready to talk about anything relating to student life, from “courses to family to social life to extracurriculars to future plans.” The Dean finished with the comments, “We see you as whole people doing your best to navigate Columbia to a place where you want to be . . . things [at the CSA] are not perfect yet, but we are working really hard on them.”
  • The Council passed a resolution to form a Future Space Allocation Board. From now on, when space becomes available, a board made up of the presidents of nine governing bodies will conduct research and recommend the best use of the vacated space. The Council hopes this will systematize the space allocation process. The board will examine the now empty Carman basement as a trial run.

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