Sort of like this, but outside, and with less pet food (but more alternative types of eggs!).

Mornin’ Morningside! Yes, the weather still sucks, and no, it isn’t a snow day. Good news though! The Greenmarket will still be open and waiting eagerly to fulfill your ostrich egg needs. So put on that jacket you thought you wouldn’t be needing for another eight months, and eat through your seasonally-affected feelings.

This week at the Greenmarket…

  • All of the normal farm stands (excepting Stannards Farm)
  • The usual dairy brigade: milk, butter, eggs, and cheese
  • Apples and apple cider
  • Bread, greens, mushrooms, honey, fish, ostrich, and pork
  • And last but not least, for your pre-Easter needs, Emu AND Ostrich eggs

As usual, EBT, Debit, and Credit are accepted.

Photo via WikiMedia Commons.