Bwog has developed a cult following of freegans, moochers, and snackers who rely on us to provide them with the latest and greatest free food tips. Their leader has made themself known to us, and shall henceforth be reporting regularly on the quality, quantity and pizazz of free food events around campus. We present you with The Scrounger’s inaugural free food review of CU Culinary Society’s Chili Competition:

The Scorecard

Quality 4.8 Really excellent chili dishes all around and the variety meant something for just about everyone.
Volume 4.9 Unlike some culinary events, last night wasn’t swamped with a crowd which meant plenty of chili for everyone involved.
Amenities 4.0 In addition to providing cups and spoons for the tasters, the Culinary Society thoughtfully provided some chili accessories such as shredded cheese and sour cream. In addition, two different loafs of delicious, palette-cleansing bread were provided for the tasters.
Take Out 3.7 While awkward due to the smaller crowd, definitely possible to load up a cup and take some chili to go.
Décor 3.0 The printed signs displaying each team’s name were thoughtful but Lerner East Ramp Lounge wasn’t transformed.


Free food was abundant last night at the Culinary Society’s Chili Cook-off and competition was fierce- all the signs of a perfect free food event. There was ample variety among the participating seven teams. “The Chili Master” provided a great, hearty chili with all of the essentials – beans, meat and tomatoes while other teams tried some unorthodox approaches. There was a delicious green chili, a thick vegetarian chili with olives and which boasted of home-brewed beer, and a daring chili with curry. Some teams had intriguing auxiliary items such as cheddar jalapeño corn bread scones and “Chili Dogs” plated with a special sauce and avocado slice to accompany the 12 different types of chili in their recipe. “A Chili Winter” was savory and sweet, incorporating pumpkin and cocoa powder into the recipe – a personal favorite whose taste distinctly stood out among the rest.