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You never know when someone on your Wi-Fi network is trying to change your Facebook status, tag Aaron Phillips in your profile picture, play FarmVille, or worse. Fortunately, such profile infiltration is easily avoidable. Bwog updates you on how to keep your digi-self free from malicious tampering.

Columbia’s wireless network is unencrypted, which means nefarious eavesdroppers can monitor how many times a day you visit Bwog or discover your secret love for Rick Astley’s complete works (and mashups thereof). It also means that, without too much trouble, they can log into your Facebook. Luckily, Lord Zuckerberg and his minions have recently released a feature allowing you to protect your Facebook data from snoopers.

Facebook does automatically encrypt your password, hooray! But once you’ve logged in, your computer is assigned a temporary unique identifier called a cookie that is used to keep track of you on the site—so that you don’t have to enter your password again every time you click a link—and this cookie is unencrypted by default. Armed with your cookie, creepers can imitate your computer and surf Facebook with your identity.

There’s a simple fix. To enable full encryption: log into Facebook, choose Account–>Account Settings–>Account Security (change). Then check this box:

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