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The Abacchalypse approaches! CU Records has selected the 10 bands that will compete on Friday, April 15th to be the opening band at Bacchanal. A panel of 3 outside judges and an audience vote will determine the winner of the Battle of the Bands. Check out the bands’ websites to whet your palette:

Also check out this mixtape of Snoop and Das Racist tracks, compiled by Rajib Mitra, SEAS ’11 and these two free Das Racist mixtapes available for free via the artist’s website.

HxC via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Anonymous  

    simon herzog isnt a band

  2. Anonymous  

    lol this sucks


    or CUSH. let's do it.

  4. Anonymous

    note to self: pregame during the opening act

  5. just downloaded  

    like so much shit from that mixtape site. thank you bwog.

  6. regular cracker  

    Rajib, what's that on your back right now? Is that the team?

  7. Anonymous

    Night Eyes FTW!!!

  8. Where the fuck  

    is ace of cake?

  9. night eyes

    please please please
    let's get some variety guys.

  10. Anonymous  


  11. CC'13  

    that mix tape is good, but it leaves out the best das racist tracks! everyone should check out you oughta know, ek shaneesh, and rooftop

  12. Rajib  

    putting the team on his back since 1989...doe

  13. Jake Snider...  

    sucks and is an enormous douche... just saying

  14. Obvious choice  

    NIGHT EYES. They'll provide a nice contrast to the rap music. Alex and Anthony are genuinely nice kids, too! Seriously though... so many musicians have overwhelmingly large egos but these two guys are very down to earth.

  15. Carman Forever!  

    Ryan, Wilfred, and I forget his name right now guy should perform it!

  16. Anonymous  


  17. Anonymous  

    Night Eyes is tight, tho

  18. YE  


  19. Anonymous  

    no one gives A FUCK ABOUT DAS RACIST. you really couldn't have picked someone a bit more talented? damn das racist's appearance almost negates snoop's

  20. useful  

    thanks for the mixtape!

  21. wholewheat cracker fan  

    I'd snoop RAJIB'S dogg anytime!

  22. jake snider  

    sucks tremendous balls. not only does he sound shitty, but he sounds like an even gayer super gay maroon 5.

  23. Jake Snider  

    Is an incredibly talented pianist and singer, along with being a genuinely kind, sincere, smart dude! What's with the hate bwog???

  24. Anonymous  

    jake snider backlash

  25. Anonymous  

    Bwog, explain how CUSH, the organization, is a candidate. Not all of them are emcees, number one. Number two, I am a g-body member [if there is such a thing] of CUSH-- do I get to compete, too?

    This Bacchanal lineup is so disappointing! And what about the non-rap fans? I'm not saying I don't like rap, but a little variety would not hurt. Echoing other comments but I just felt the need to reiterate.

  26. Anonymous  

    Where is Baker St? This seems like it was rigged.

  27. Arbiter of Taste  

    Night Eyes = legitimate

  28. CUSH  

    Is an organization, but it also sponsors a group of emcees, singers, DJs, and producers. The individuals decided to submit as a group, and CUSH is the most appropiate name given that it is something they all share in common.

    However, this looks like a really talented group of bands. It should make for an interesting Battle.

  29. douchebag mcgee  

    i really hope life size maps doesn't win. their music sucks.

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