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Heading back home from an EC party.

This weekend spawned some particularly sparkly gems. First, in the wee hours of the morning, a fairly intoxicated guy and girl approach the sign-in desk. The guy swipes in, but the girl lingers for a moment. She needs to be signed in:

Guy: Oh, so you go to Barnard?

Girl: Um, yeah. Is that a problem?

Guy: No… (looks her up and down)… not at all. Yeah, that’s cool. Okay, I’ll stop talking now.

Girl: Yeah, maybe you should.

Across Broadway, in 600, a Barnard lass had this to say about the her humble abode:

“Barnard dorms just weren’t made for parties.  E.C. was made thinking ‘children are going to get drunk and vomit here.’ The architect was LOLing while he designed EC.”

Mysteriously produced image from Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Well, I never!

    Those Barnard girls are full of sass.

    • Actually,  

      I've been hanging out with a lot more Barnard girls this semester (since 3 of my sociology classes are over there) and generally, they're a lot of fun.

      Columbia girls tend to be 'smarter' in class and then unable to function properly outside. They're either too intense (no, I don't want to talk about your JP Morgan internship interview for 2 hours) or just kind of stupid (don't be upset that you're being checked out at 1020 when your dress barely covers your underwear).

      Barnard girls may get wasted & desperate in 2.5 minutes every Thursday night at 1020 but at least they cop to it.

      Then again maybe I'm just jaded by my Columbia ex. Sofia, you bitch.

      • Anonymous  

        I like my women to conform to their gender roles. Stfu, function properly.

        (reposted from above)

        • Is that chip on your shoulder BBQ-flavored  

          Uh, yeah. Shouldn't...everyone aim to behave properly? As in a non-irrational, non-batshit, socially-aware way?

          I'm sorry, but feminism doesn't excuse you acting like a nutcase under the umbrella of being liberated?

  2. Anonymous  

    I always wondered what it was like to be the security guard working at that desk...

  3. BC '14  

    Barnard hate commencing in 3...2...1...

  4. Anonymous  

    barnard is not columbia - discuss.

  5. Anonymous  

    I like my women to conform to their gender roles.

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