Spotted: Desperate In Midtown East

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Don't get stuck in a boring Black and White gown—buy an authentic baby blue one!

Phew, now that we’ve gotten that Gossip Girl headline out of our (collective) system, we can go on Bwogging until the urge strikes again.

No, but seriously—if you’re looking for a barely worn Columbia Masters Ceremony graduation gown, have we got the deal for you! Check out this overseen Craigslist ad to work out the specific details of your purchase, and in the meantime, mull over this highlight:

“I’ve literally only worn it for 30 minutes during the private individual school ceremony. Can definitely pass for brand new—don’t understand why we cant just rent it -.-“

Because nothing says exasperation like an emoticon.

Stoic graduate, devoid of school spirit, via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. but seriously  

    those gowns are too expensive considering the fact that they will only be worn for about 4 hours. can't i just take pictures and return it?

  2. uhmmm  

    i bought a cu master's robe for $15 off craigslist.

    pooface, puuuhlease.

  3. Anonymous

    61$ for a polyester gown? Damnnnnnn Columbia you crazy!

  4. ...  

    yet another reason why i'd rather swallow glass than participate in any ceremony at this fucking farce.

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