CCSC: Partyin, Partyin, Yeah! Edition

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Learned and the CCSCrew partying it up!*

CCSC met. Brian Wagner tells all.

  • The Council held this week’s meeting in Lerner Party Space, so everyone was ready for a good time. In addition, CCSC wants everyone to know that College Days have begun! Though their opening ceremony yesterday may not have been free of controversy (one rep apologized–“I’m sorry you hate V-necks!”), the Council looks forward to seeing you at all the fun events planned this week!
  • The Council passed the amended EC Swipe Access Resolution. Under the new system, residents will still be limited to five guests, and it is up to the security guard to watch swipers and stop them from passing back IDs.
  • Alex Rosen, Chairman of the CCSC Elections Board, discussed the CCSC elections process. He stated that he was very pleased with this year’s turnout: there were 70ish candidates, and around 45% of CC students voted, which is not a 20% increase from last year, but may also be a record!
  • Alex and the Council touched on several topics, but CCSC will not vote on any resolutions until next week. The group discussed increasing communication with students about how voting works, fixing issues with the write-in votes, adding a mission statement to the Elections Board’s constitution, addressing what specifically is the jurisdiction of the Elections Board (can they tell other student groups what to do), regulating the use of social networking sites when campaigning, separating class council elections from Executive Board elections, if separation of Executive Board tickets is a good idea, reducing the number of campaign flyers, and keeping the moratorium on campaigning once voting draws near. (Breathe out) Some had strong feelings about candidates’ ability to go door-to-door to campaign: “People were knocking on doors at 2am… and that’s just fucked up.”

*Not actually Learned and the CCSCrew via wikimedia.

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  1. I think this meme will be overused  

    officially, at least, until after Stephen Colbert sings "Friday" on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

  2. Anonymous  

    get rid of the instant run off voting system. it doesnt choose the best candidates.

    • BCline  

      What would you propose instead? Email the Elections Board: [email protected]

  3. Anonymous  

    If candidates don't have the sense of decency to know that going door-to-door at 2AM is annoying as hell or that bugging the shit out of their friends on Facebook is counterproductive, then we probably don't want them elected anyway. Candidates can only hurt themselves by such behavior! Election rules are way too convoluted and overreaching; give candidates the chance to exercise their common sense and the electorate to exercise our democratic right to vote for the candidate that annoys us the least.

  4. Anonymous  

    when does the ec swipe system start?

  5. tea partier  

    i just wanna see the birth certificate

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