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Public Safety just wants you to be safe. And to help you stay safe, at some point along the line (1998? 2000? You decide.) they created this handy quiz, teaching you vital “campus survival” techniques, as if we go to school in some wild jungle. But kidding aside, it does contain some valuable information. Public Safety even weighs in on dating:

Public Safety's answer? Group Date

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  1. cc'11  

    AWESOME FIND, bwog! love this kind of stuff

  2. best tag ever  


  3. hahahahahahahaaHAHAHAHAHA


    - Frustrated but attractive Barnard SENIOR girl who have yet to be asked out by a Columbia guy who doesn't stutter and trip while doing so and going on a REAL date.

    • umm  

      excuse me, strong and beautiful, why not ask someone on a date yourself?

      • man

        You know what, fine, I get thats its still kind of gallant and charming and expected for a man to do the date-initiating. What I don't get is the the schizophrenic behavior that we're met with. "oh, he likes me and he's cute, better look off in the distance somewhere and then ignore his calls."

      • BC 2011  

        Yeah, no offense, but agreed. I'm a Barnard senior and I asked out the cute guy in my anthro class sophomore year and we're still together. Take initiative.

    • Anonymous  

      Gee, what guy could resist all of that.

      Anyone see that episode of Family Guy where Chris dates a mentally-deficient girl who turns out to be kind of a bitch? That's exactly the voice I read that in.

      Ever think that the problem might be YOU as opposed to the multi-thousand male population of Columbia. So many girls throw that "guys/girls at Columbia" line around...when you're 28 and still unhappy and single will it gender-wide to "men"?

  4. spotted  

    cartilage piercing

  5. 0 POINTS

    You need to brush up on your safety knowledge.

  6. wait  

    why are the frosted tips mentioned and NOT THE DOUBLE POPPED COLLAR?!

  7. Question 21  

    EC, Heights or Campo

  8. BHW  

    Question 22
    Laundry, Tan or Gym?

  9. issue:  

    apparently "collect yourself and tell your best friend" is the wrong answer for what you should do after a sexual assault.

    because every survivor should go it alone!

    that's shameful, public safety. some people need to go straight to the hospital or health services or the rc/avsc or counseling, and some people need to get comfort from friends, and both of these are ok.

  10. who thinks  

    that sitting in a dorm room, splitting a bottle of wine and chilling sounds like an awesome date? bueller?

  11. Alexander Hamilton

    Columbia teaches us to look beyond the norm but yet girls at this school still seem to think the only proper way to initiate dating is to be asked out by a guy....These are different times people. Come on feminists step up to the plate.

    • Speaking of which,

      girls, stop entering my Columbia email into Datemyschool.com. I'm getting sick of the repeated

      Someone you know at Columbia wants you to join DateMySchool.com

      emails. I do not appreciate my email being entered into some cheezemo website by someone other than me, complete turn off btw. I don't date unknown girls from over the internet, facebook, text messages, or email, period. I get my girlfriends or dates organically, the old fashioned way. You all know who you are, or if it is one girl repeatedly doing it, stop, it's creepy. If I like you, you will know it, and I will ask you out on a date. If I don't ask you out, don't wait up for me at night to connect to you through datemyschool.com

      On behalf of Columbia Men, that is all

  12. Hominy Hunter

    Does anyone know if Westside sells hominy? I'm making hornado tomorrow...

  13. dear public safety,  

    which seat should i take?

    <3 r. black

  14. Mean Girl  

    Was anyone else expecting this when they clicked on the second link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxAw0Ex-aWk ?

  15. Anonymous  

    what's with question 12? since when do we need a car to get anywhere around here?

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