Bacchanal Seeking Greener Pastures

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Tradition interrupted! Low Steps will not bear witness to the Abacchalyse. Instead, Bachannal organizers confirmed today in an email that the concert will unconventionally be held on the West Lawn in front of Butler. Columbia’s event management people made a “managerial error” and overlooked a conflict with the construction of graduation bleachers. So unless you’re on your feet, dancing the night away, your butt might get wet.

Full email below.

Hello Columbia Community,

Bacchanal was notified on Monday that due to construction of the graduation bleachers, we will not be able to have the stage in its traditional location on Low Plaza. Despite our booking the space in November, there appears to have been a managerial error regarding the space reservation which was not noticed until this past weekend.

Instead, the stage will be located on the West Lawn, in front of Butler Library. If you are facing Butler, it is the large lawn on the right.

While the move is very challenging for us logistically and financially, we are working closely with public safety, facilities and University Event Management to ensure that the concert is still face-meltingly awesome for you.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you on April 30th.

For more updates, please visit our event page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=168240363229052



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  1. Oh, shit.  

    No, that was it.

  2. Anonymous  

    bacchanal this spring is shaping up to be such a disappointment. I thought more money could improve things, guess not

  3. Anonymous  

    wowwww. This really sucks.

  4. Anonymous  

    UM WHAT. so disappointed :(

  5. ...  

    move it to morningside park.

  6. Hooah  

    What am I missing? Why is this so bad? I'm still psyched for this show.

  7. Beaurocracy  

    I think that Columbia has managed to mess up at least one tradition each year by constructing those stupid bleachers on top of some group. KCST has also had a "surprise oversight" twice now where Columbia promised in writing not to build the bleachers, then did so anyway and refused to take them down.
    I wish they would either get their act together or stop lying, whichever one they're failing at.

  8. Omitted  

    "To preserve the lawns for graduation no one will be allowed on said lawn. Additionally, since the construction of bleachers requires a large numbers of workers carrying heavy equipment to pass through the limited thoroughfares of campus, no one will be allowed on college walk or any of the other paths.

    We apologize for this administrative error. In the event that a student should attempt to attend the concerts, snipers have been stationed on the Low and Butler roofs. Their orders are to first establish that the target is an undergraduate, and then to shoot to kill."

  9. Anonymous  

    Does anyone know what the security sitch is for the concert? Is it going to be open as usual?

  10. pissed off  

    university event management has been screwing over event after event after event with space reservations for so many clubs this year. this shit really better not happen again.

  11. Anonymous  

    I mean its going to continue to happen if we allow it.

  12. Anonymous

    Don't delude yourselves into thinking anyone would travel from harlem to see das racist...I mean what a truly terrible selection. They are basically a rap group that will be playing college shows for the next 2 years until some new "hip hop" group makes it out of a liberal arts college to a real university to perform.

    As for snoop, he would have been awesome had this concert taken places in the 90s...which it is not. What a lame, tired, uninspired cop out. Clearly bacchanal is composed of typical columbia hipster running away from high school yet unable to book something the least bit contemporary or relevant since they have awful, unrefined tastes.

  13. Anonymous  

    Guys, really? Stop complaining!

  14. Anonymous  

    do you need a CU ID to get in?

  15. Anonymous

    can't see how they'd be able to restrict half the campus to id only, when the campus has to be open for business (including the adjacent library).

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