Police Activity in McBain

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(1:33) Zach Levine sent in this picture of four cop cars on 113th

Several tipsters have confirmed that two students people were arrested in McBain about 15 minutes ago. They were led out of the lobby in handcuffs and taken away in a police car. The security guard in McBain reportedly says that the two were not Columbia students and the arrest “was the result of an altercation.”

Update, 12:25 pm: A McBain resident, who asked to remain anonymous, tipped Bwog with an explanation for the arrest. His friend from high school and his friend’s girlfriend were visiting. At around midnight, the friend and girlfriend went to Wien to visit another mutual Columbia friend. On the way to Wien, the couple got into a fight and the girlfriend accused the McBain resident’s friend of assaulting her. She called the police. The two returned to Mcbain, and soon after, eight officers arrived. ¬†Police arrested the friend, and brought his girlfriend to the hospital for evaluation.


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  1. WHY  

    is everyone getting arrested now?!?

  2. The Realist

    For those who do not see past the Columbia bubble, wake up and smell that coffee! The NYPD don't play that, and have been canvasing this neighborhood since operation IVY. Those five arrests would be the first amongst many to come.

    • well  

      If they were arresting Columbia kids for lighting up on 4/20, I'd agree. But when random people get into fights or start assaulting innocent people...that's a time when I want NYPD to step in. I saw what that crazy B-school guy did a few weeks ago and it was terrible. The police should be arresting violent people!

      • The Realist

        Oh because it was highly convenient that a violent altercation just happened to involve four police cruisers and not public safety. Hmmm, I wonder when it became the norm for police to go in and start arresting people in residence halls? Unless Columbia has officially relinquished control over what occurs in its residence halls, I find it all too convenient.

        • Pretty sure  

          that Public Safety can't arrest individuals with no connection to the university who start brawling inside residence hall lobbies, but I may be wrong. Of course, we don't know the facts of the case, but I just don't understand your conspiracy theory: in the aftermath of Operation Ivy League, the NYPD now prowls Morningside Heights, only to arrest non-students getting into fights and ignoring the students doing drugs?

          • The Realist

            Oh pardon me for the fact that you do not know how the NYPD operates. Generally when an area is canvased, there is stepped up surveillance for "suspicious behavior", with random searches, arrests and the usage of "idle cruisers". Not to say that if you are not paying attention in the first place to the city, you wouldn't know the difference to begin with. The act of canvasing does not presuppose narcotics or not in these "general searches", but I digress. To the average disconnected Columbia Student, this would mean nothing and would not translate into their daily lives. But trust we are being watched and to feign ignorance and dismiss it is at your own risk.

          • ...  

            time to put the pipe down, buddy.

        • RA  

          i was in the lobby and saw this happening, and saw that there was an RA waiting with a student who was calling the cops. There are all kinds of rules about the chain of command with regards to different kinds of incidents in residence halls, and depending on what was going on and if they were columbia students, we are supposed to pass it on to the nypd.

          when i came back downstairs there were about 8 cops with guns in the lobby, they were also leading someone who had been standing in the foyer earlier into a cop car!

          • Really?  

            You are clearly not an RA. If you were you would know that you call Public Safety in situations like this. RAs never contact NYPD directly. Nice try though.

          • Anonymous  

            Oh...snap? A very weak, very unenthusiastic snap?

          • RA  

            yeah, i do know that. i also should have amended my comment-the student was calling someone and reporting, not necessarily nypd. i just know from seeing the call and the response that public safety passed it off, because the guys weren't students. chill, dude.

          • Read the update  

            Again, you are wrong. The victim called NYPD. You are going to great lengths to suugest that RAs and Public Safety pass things off to NYPD. It is simply not true and it's lame to try and escalate this issue. If you are an RA, I hope you weren't rehired for next year.

          • injustice  

            actually the RA program only "hires" students who aren't on financial aid. If you do get aid, they deduct the cost of housing from your Columbia grant, so you end up paying just as much for tuition and thus volunteering your time.....

  3. Anonymous  

    a ho ho ho bad things a go

  4. bwog,  

    you keep reporting these incidents and you never follow up on them! how are we supposed to know whats going on?

  5. Perhaps

    it was a fight between the two homeless students who were thrown down the shaft 15 years ago and saw the leftover fried chicken I just threw out my window?

  6. Twitch  

    They need to lose their housing rights. Everyone who lives in McBain, everyone who signed up for McBain, and everyone on the same square block of the people arrested.

    Now, Columbia!

  7. Anon  

    There was an altercation between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Girlfriend was beat up. The cops needed to be called and the boyfriend needed to stay away.

  8. Visitors?!  

    They need to leave their domestic violence issues at home.

    Doubt their friend will be inviting them back any time soon.
    (Mostly 'cause it's almost summer! *high five*)

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