(1:33) Zach Levine sent in this picture of four cop cars on 113th

Several tipsters have confirmed that two students people were arrested in McBain about 15 minutes ago. They were led out of the lobby in handcuffs and taken away in a police car. The security guard in McBain reportedly says that the two were not Columbia students and the arrest “was the result of an altercation.”

Update, 12:25 pm: A McBain resident, who asked to remain anonymous, tipped Bwog with an explanation for the arrest. His friend from high school and his friend’s girlfriend were visiting. At around midnight, the friend and girlfriend went to Wien to visit another mutual Columbia friend. On the way to Wien, the couple got into a fight and the girlfriend accused the McBain resident’s friend of assaulting her. She called the police. The two returned to Mcbain, and soon after, eight officers arrived.  Police arrested the friend, and brought his girlfriend to the hospital for evaluation.