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Finals approach. This means you’ll be staying up later. You (hopefully) know both these things. So does Columbia, apparently. With this in mind, here are just a few place which have extended their hours for heavily sighing, red-eyed scholars. Mention any we missed in the comments.

  • HamDel will be open 24/7, instead of the regular 24/6
  • Business and Econ library open ’til midnight
  • Butler Reserves open ’til midnight
  • Butler Media Center open ’til midnight
  • Lehman is open until 4 am

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  1. Virgin Senior

    My legs are now open 24/7

    • Me too

      If only there were someplace we could go to deal with this....Oh right, senior night! Arrive a virgin, leave still a virgin but hopefully on your way to a special senior scramble

  2. Anonymous  

    Wow, that extended directory post was taken down pretty quickly. Too stalkery?

  3. Chorus  

    O for a Muse of coffee, that would support
    The waning hours of attention,
    Butler for a stage, heavily sighing red-eyed scholars to act
    And librarians to behold the swelling scene!
    Then should the warlike student, like himself,
    Assume the port of Lehman; and at his heels,
    Leash'd in like hounds, should famine, fatigue and broken printers
    Crouch for employment. But pardon, and gentles all,
    The flat unraised spirits that have dared
    On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth
    So great an object: can HamDel hold
    The vasty fields of Nietzsche? or may we cram
    Within this glass house the very chariots
    That did affright the air at Troy?
    O, pardon! since crooked gray matter may
    Hold in little place a million
    Then let caffeine, elixir to this great attempt,
    On your dopaminergic forces work....

    For 'tis your brains that now must reign as kings,
    Carry them to Business and Econ and there; jumping o'er times,
    Turning the lectures of many months
    Into an hour-glass: for the which supply,
    Admit me Chorus to this history;
    Who now this prologue rests,
    Gently to study for, kindly to take, our tests.

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