Cooking With Bwog: Finals Edition

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No matter how simple the dish, the pictures always look amazing.

In this week’s Cooking With Bwog, resident snack chef Matt Powell serves up something even the least culinary competent can easily create!

It’s tough work to be a full-time foodie. It takes a lot of time: time to grocery shop, time to menu plan, time to cook, time to eat. So what happens when the foodie is met with a full class schedule, working part time, 3 final papers, and to top it all off, blue bins? Well, with all of my cookware and dining gear packed away in boxes, I had no choice. But I guess it all worked out, since commenters often ask me for easier recipes.

Cereal and Milk

Serves 1


  • About 1 1/2 C of HoneyComb cereal (I would have preferred Honey Graham O’s, the official cereal of the Culinary Society, but I had no time to pick up this cereal from Fairway’s. Honey Nut Chex would have been an acceptable substitute.)
  • About 1 1/4 C of non-fat milk (not only is non-fat milk healthier for you, but I believe it naturally complements the subtle sweetness of the Honeycomb cereal)

Special Equipment

  • 1 4-cup bowl (I prefer to use my Guggenheim Museum ceramic bowl, which retails for $8.50)
  • 1 funnel
  • 1 spoon
  • 1 colorful serving platter


  1. Carefully pour the cereal out into the bowl. Make sure that the cereal amount does not exceed the limits of the bowl. When adding the milk, this can result in disaster, with precious pieces of cereal spilling all over your counter.
  2. This is where it gets complicated. With the funnel in one hand and the milk carton in the other, carefully pour the milk through the funnel into the bowl. The funnel will prevent unnecessary milk spillage.
  3. Add the spoon, careful not to disturb the careful balance of cereal in the bowl. Place the bowl on a serving platter. The platter serves the sole purpose of making you feel just a wee bit fancier whilst eating a dinner of cereal off of your apartment floor. (I have yet to buy my dining room table.)
  4. Serve with a steaming hot side of sarcasm! You get the point.

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  1. Martha Sewart  

    For a time saving variation, I suggest "Cereal a la box." The ingredients are the same, minus the milk. Serving suggestion: reach into the box and grab a handful.

  2. I was rofling  

    but point 4 kind of ruined it

  3. Anonymous  

    this is retarded.

  4. TELL EM  

    this made my day. YOU GO MATT POWELL. love when bwog gets its snark on.

  5. Anonymous

    Yessss!! Ahaha I'm so glad you decided to do this

  6. Julia Child

    For a classier, more European alternative, eat a box of croutons instead.

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