A boathouse, not at Baker Field.

Yesterday a City Council committee voted in favor of Columbia’s proposed Inwood development, Boathouse Marsh. That vote introduced the issue to the entire City Council today, and they voted in favor of the development. This means that the University can go ahead with its plans for Boathouse Marsh, which were drawn up by the same folks behind the High Line, that fancy park/reuse/development down south. Full statement from the University below.

We are pleased that the City Council and related committees voted in favor of our application to create new public access and new amenities on the waterfront.  The Boathouse Marsh project will increase public access to the waterfront, restore and extend the area’s native marshland adjacent to Inwood Hill Park, and create an opportunity for increased educational and recreational activities for the community.

According to the project page on facilities.columbia.edu, Columbia officials anticipate the construction will take place in the first half of 2011, barring any more hurdles. So soon!

Amphibious home via Wikimedia