"But...those three dots mark a precipice, a gulf so deeply cut between us that for three years and more I have been sitting on my side of it wondering whether it is any use to try to speak across it."

The Abacchalypse brings you…more hip hop! After an exciting Battle 4 Bacchanal, CUSH (Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop) came out on top. (Spec)

A 12-year-old Indiana middle schooler is arrested…over spilled milk. We kid you not, this tween was arrested by a police officer after refusing to clean up spilled milk in his school cafeteria. (The Smoking Gun)

NYC’s newest area code is…929! Debuting today, 929 is a palindrome and spells WAX—think of all the dirty things you can do with that! (City Room, North American Numbering Plan Administration)

Productive members of society…your taxes are due on Monday! Bwog understands the importance of civic duty and all that, but the rebel in us can’t help but wonder what happens if you just don’t pay them. (Slate)

Music lovers…rejoice! Today is Record Store Day, so scurry over to your nearest participating store to snag that Phish record and impress your friends.

Three Dots via Wikimedia Commons