I wonder if they moor it near memory lane.

Fashions change, but tradition lives on. New Yorkers sported interesting Easter attire as they galavanted about yesterday. (AP, Examiner, Gothamist)

Recent findings that the iPhone stores a log of its user’s location for the past ten months in an unencrypted file leaves some longing for cellphones past. A Latvian man has wedded the OED’s “twitter” with the Internet’s definition by making real birds post on twitter using a carefully arranged bits pork fat. (Wired, Mashable)

While memories of home slowly fade, sometimes old homes go out with a bang. (NYPost)

A genuine, freewheelin’ drifter passed through Manhattan recently. This “real character and artifact out of our American experience” presents a tempting alternative to these Butler-rooted pre-finals days. (NYTimes)

On a more serious note, yesterday, Wikileaks began releasing numerous documents from Guantanamo Bay. Several News agencies offer their insight. (Wikileaks, NYTimes, Washington Post, Al Jazeera).

Floating abstraction via Wikimedia.