Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC Meeting

It is a rocket

This is not the composter

  • ESC voted to endorse an initiative by Columbia Composting Coalition (CCC) to install a composting machine, known as the “Rocket,” outside of Schapiro. The organization proposed a student-driven composting initiative, where students would have the opportunity to compost their own food waste, and would be trained to operate the machine. Representatives for the organizations reported that, based on the results of a pilot program conducted last semester, there are enough interested students on campus that the composter would be a worthwhile investment for the university. They also commented that they have contingency plans in place to work with dining if there isn’t enough student support.
  • The council begin its final constitutional review today—an amendment to the constitution approved earlier stipulated that the council will no longer have dedicated constitutional review sessions after this year. One of the amendments scheduled to be discussed during the review would change ESC E-Board elections from an internal elections to a popular vote.
  • Student Services Representative Lisa Mack clarified how the new swipe policy will be implemented in EC: non-residents of Columbia dorms will still need to be signed in to EC after the new system is installed. The electronic system only enables electronic sign-in; it does not increase the number of people who can swipe themselves in.

Zoe Camp reports from SGA:

  • Jessica Canon of Well Woman paid SGA a visit. She reminded everyone that Well Woman is always there, with massage chairs, chocolate, tea, and magazines. (All very nice things, indeed.) She also discussed the importance of providing services for the well being of students, especially given high levels of stress on campus. While Well Woman would love to bring puppies and kittens to Barnard in an effort to cheer up students, current policies do not allow it. They continue to consider it, though.
  • Don’t forget to vote in SGA elections via eBear!