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Get Your Compost On Right Now

Feeling especially environmentally unfriendly this morning? Head over to the Ruggles shaft right now for the Composting Open House! A more eloquent description below: Are you curious about composting at Columbia? Come join us in the Ruggles shaft (accessible through the basement) for a tour of EcoReps’ new composting machine! The Composting Open House will […]

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ESC: Beautification and Composting

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting. ESC passed a resolution to encourage the administration to fix the safety and aesthetic problems in Pupin Plaza. For the last few years, the stone walkways near NoCo and Pupin have been deteriorating, and the council feels that the area has become a safety hazard to students, […]

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SGA: Composting and Calendars

An EcoRep stopped by and discussed initiatives to make Barnard more eco-friendly. She announced that the Barnard compost machine is only open through Thanksgiving, so everyone should get in all their composting before the machine goes into hibernation… or whatever it does when it gets too cold to smoosh garbage. President Jessica Blank gave an […]

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ESC/SGA: Composting, Constitution, Considerations

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC Meeting ESC voted to endorse an initiative by Columbia Composting Coalition (CCC) to install a composting machine, known as the “Rocket,” outside of Schapiro. The organization proposed a student-driven composting initiative, where students would have the opportunity to compost their own food waste, and would be trained to […]

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