In the latest installment of our Getting to Know series, Bwog’s Chancellor of Charm Molly Andrews caught up with Kubi, the beloved McBain security guard. Know someone we should know too?  Send your suggestions to tips@bwog.com.

Many McBain security guards can swipe our CUIDs, but only Kubi can capture our hearts. Stuck in an ECesque “swipe” jam, you may have heard him chatter away on the phone with sounds foreign to the English oriented ear. Kubi, an expat from Ghana, has lived in United States for fourteen years. He spends ample time on the phone catching up with relatives and family still in Ghana. Asked how big city life differs from home, he replied New York “has given [him] the unique opportunity of seeing the whole world at a glance.” For Kubi, what makes New York so wonderful is that “you see all faces of the world.”

Kubi’s Ghanaian flare is most evident (and pungent) during mealtimes. He cooks all his meals himself using ingredients from local food markets. His favorite Ghanian dish is kenkey, a staple dish similar to a sourdough dumpling, best mashed up in a bowl of soup. Kubi offers a spicy suggestion: to really make kenkey kick, drizzle it with homemade hot sauce and top it off with fried fish.

Besides talking on the phone and eating Ghanaian delicacies, Kubi enjoys reading the Daily News and the Post to keep up with current affairs. He also reads the Bible everyday because it’s important “to feed the spirit.”

As sleepless sophomores shuffle past his desk, Kubi retains a refreshing optimism. He’s really a pleasure to talk to, and genuinely loves speaking with students. After all, Kubi would love to meet just one more of the many “faces of the world.” You’re guaranteed to walk away a little fuller—whether of the spirit or of the stomach.