This is what the Bwog staff will look like if it turns out to be overcast again today., the sometimes scrooge of the internet, has lied to us before (read: yesterday). But since it’s only early-afternoon, we’re willing to invest some hope in its mostly sunny, high 50s prediction. In which case, you should grab your throwback Chewbacchanal sunglasses and stop by the Greenmarket, which promises a “nice full market.” The market will also be open on Easter Sunday, but with a smaller selection and limited payment options.

Today’s lineup (which will hereby be referred to as “The Usual,” so pay close attention):

  • Spring flowers and plants
  • Apples and apple cider
  • A vast selection of cheeses
  • Eggs of ostrich and emu variety
  • Meats, including pork

EBT, Debit, and Credit won’t be accepted*.

Child model pretending to be sad Bwog staffers via Wikimedia Commons.

*This is blatantly not true.