You don't want Earth to look like this, do you?

No Impact Week starts today! This event from Green Umbrella aims to create a consciousness about the impact of everything we do on our environment. A paradox to mull over: making an impact by not impacting.

Contemplate how your life as a Columbia student affects the world around you…playing frisbee on the lawn, eating at John Jay dining hall, staying up late to study, playing music on Low Steps. Then, because CC and Lit Hum prepared you for this and you probably just can’t help yourself, critique the concept of trying not to make an impact on the planet and assess its merits.

This Earth Week program is a collaboration among CU Green Umbrella and Columbia students and faculty from different clubs, schools and departments, and with the No Impact Project.  Register for No Impact Week events here.

Rather cheap gimmickry via Wikimedia