How exactly did the prospects for General Selection get so dire Director Guru of Housing and Bwog’s new best friend Joyce Jackson explained that of course “it is always hard to say how many people will drop down to General from Suite Selection.” While she noted that fewer students have been moving off campus in the past two years, it is her belief that the 50 students displaced from the brownstones were “the primary cause of the change.” In an e-mail to Bwog, Jackson wrote:

Because the three brownstones were not assigned prior to selection, those approximately 50 students were also seeking housing in Suite and General Selection, and the 50 spaces they would have been assigned to in the Brownstones were not available for other students to select.

On this note, if there was any confusion among rising Juniors after last week’s post, this has also been clarified by Joyce. She assures us that “a lot” of Juniors will be assigned to singles that become available during the summer, but “some will be assigned to space in the brownstones and University Apartment housing which will be quality doubles and walk through doubles like Watt and Woodbridge.”

You can view a live table of the rooms left for General Selection here.