Earlier this week, we introduced The Scrounger. This determined moocher is a devotée of Bwog’s free food announcements, and now reports back on CSA’s Cuban cuisine.

CSA delivered on their refreshments during walk-in hours. With a hefty catering package from Havana Central, students were greeted with rice, beans, plantains and a choice of three different kinds of empanadas: goatcheese and spinach, picadillo and chicken.

The Scorecard

Quality 3.5 Havana Central catering was quite nice though nothing amazing. Every choice was of solid quality though.
Volume 4.6 Big plates and a small number of people allowed for generous self-serve portions.
Amenities 2.5 Standard forks and knives with a selection from a few different beverages
Take Out 4.0 The counselors were all too happy to allow people to take food for the road and there were no awkward stares given. In addition, the empanadas came in little individually-wrapped bags which meant for easy slippage into bags…
Décor 2.7 The new counseling space is nice but there wasn’t any attempt at decoration or to create tables to at which to eat.

All in all, a nice little event for a Monday lunch…and a bonus – I sorted out my schedule for next semester.