This happens here in 29 days

We’re not joking, just joking, we are joking, just joking, we’re not joking: much-hyped and utlra-hip “we’re kinda like rap/noise/pop” hip-hop duo Das Racist and Calvin Cordozar Braudus, Jr. aka SNOOP DOGG will perform at this year’s spring concert. The winner of CU Records’ Battle of the Bands (to be chosen on April 15) will open for them. And guys, it’s not a competition with Brown. These guys are the stuff of Bacchanal lore. Snoop was in an animated cartoon with Ghostface, and features Wiz Khalifa on his latest album, and then there’s Black and Yellow (sound familiar?) Let’s just hope sharing the bill with Das Racist doesn’t provoke any weird fake beef. Anyways this year’s Bacchanal’s theme is Abacchalypse, so whatever you think of the music you should get fucked up, ‘cause the world’s gonna end right? As per tradition, the good people at Bacchanal will host a film screening on 4/20, a week before the concert. They’re showing The Dark Side of Oz and it will be trippy.

In the meantime, try to pay attention in school kids, we know it’s hard!

Co-Presidents Alex Kirk and Jody Zellman, and Concert Chair Dan Weinstein fielded some of our questions…

Who was the most excited out of you guys about the line-up?

Jody: Professionals don’t show emotion. Right, Charlie Sheen?
Alex: I don’t think any of us were more excited than the others, we were all pretty stoked about having Snoop and Das Racist come. We’ve been working really hard on this for the last few months and we’re just really happy to have both artists come to campus.
Dan: Snoop Dogg.

What happens if an a capella group wins Battle of the Bands?

Jody: We’ll be having a bake sale to cover transportation costs and the concert will be in Wein Lounge.
Alex: No sound check.
Dan: We’re gonna make them drop it like it’s hot.

Are Das Racist racist?

Jody: Half the time they are Racist and the other half they are Das.
Alex: Everyone’s a little bit racist.
Dan: Are you racist?

Do you have any comment on this?

Jody: The keytar saved America.
Alex: Is Dr. Dre a doctor?
Dan: I think they got the title wrong.

What swag can we expect?

Jody: We threw everything we had (in addition to what the councils generously gave us) into our line up. Plus, the staging, production, tech, security, accouterments/transportation for artists, etc. costs a pretty penny (a huge, gold-plated, diamond-studded penny). In other words, swag is TBD.
Alex: A contact high.
Dan: There’s still some time to figure it out. Make requests.

Is the world really gonna end?

Jody: The world ended on Friday.
Alex: Someday.
Dan: What?