Latino Block Party and BBQ

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The fun doesn't have to stop at Bacchanal

What’s that? “There’s no better way to spend a stressful pre-exam-week Sunday than with a block party,” you say?

You’re in luck.

Chicano Caucus and Grupo Quisqueyano will be holding a Latino Block Party on Lehman Lawn from 2 to 7 pm. There will be free food and performances all day–featuring Mariachi performers, Ballet Folklorico dancers, CU Raas, CU Bellydance, C.U.S.H., Sabor, and more!

Not enough to satisfy your procrastination needs?

The Columbia University College Republicans will also be having a party: free BBQ for the campus community starting at 2 pm in Revson Plaza (the law school bridge over Amsterdam).

Go crazy.

The kind of party you’ll get today only in this picture via Wikimedia

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  1. a party-free BBQ?  

    That does sound Republican.

  2. Anonymous least there won't be any overlap between the two groups' membership.

  3. Anonymous  

    Do I have to show my birth certificate at the College Republican's BBQ to get a plate? D:

  4. But

    I thought there were no such things as free handouts?

  5. Where is  

    Lehman lawn?

  6. Butler  

    I swear to god it sounds like they're killing a goat out there... Free food isn't worth having to listen to that crap

  7. block party  

    you are killing my soul, man on microphone on lehman lawn.

  8. hmm  

    this rock version of arirang is not working. horrific music is driving all the law students out of their own library.

  9. Barnard Library Worker  

    Is this C.U.S.H.? These 2 guys seriously need to stop right now. I'll admit the microphone is pretty terrible but so are they.

    I have a final tomorrow.

  10. Anonymous  

    Barnard Library worker & ugh, Luckily the rest of the CU community has a much better opinion of music than you two do. If not, Bacchanal would've been horrible.


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