In the Spirit of Summer Drinks

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We admit that, though still goofy, those T Magic signs has been around for a while. However, this perplexing sign outside Mel’s is brand new. Bwog can get down with Früli, but we remain unconvinced by watermelon beer. Gourmands and beer snobs of Columbia, give us your verdict!

Just looking at this makes you think of Double Bubble

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  1. Anonymous  

    Nothing says chick-drink like watermelon beer.

  2. beer sommelier

    Watermelon beer = Hell or high watermelon by 21st Amendment brewery in San Francisco. It's a great, refreshing beer that doesn't taste anything like watermelon. It is the perfect summer drink.

    And chick-drink? Really?

    • ...  

      hah i was gonna guess 21a. although, they are a bit sweet when you get them at the brewery and they have big chunks of watermelon jabbed on the glass. i always thought it was kinda like a hefeweizen.

  3. Anonymous

    verdict from monday night taste test: gross. like bud light with a touch of watermelon. comes in a can. not at all what i was hoping for.

  4. OBF  

    I had a watermelon beer at the Oregon Brewers Festival a couple of years ago - wasn't impressed and haven't felt the need to repeat the experience.

  5. beer girl  

    it's a wheat beer, which would explain why it tastes like a hefeweizen to you. good job.

    also, to whoever said it tastes nothing like watermelon, you are psychotic. do you also think the blue point blueberry tastes nothing like blueberry? also, this is notches above bud light.

    that being said, it was good to have once.

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