"Studying long is studying wrong"

You can slink back to the Reference Room, get to Lerner without having to cross College Walk and stretch out on the lawns again–the Abacchalypse is over. For those of you who skipped the event or were too diligently following Snoop’s words of wisdom, Bwog was almost fully alert to gather the following interesting events.

  • Snoop and his team requested a few Xbox 360 games. Special requests were sent out for NBA 2K11 and Madden NFL 2011.
  • Members of Snoop’s entourage enter the Cafe 212 men’s bathroom. One enters the stall and is immediately repulsed:
  • Crew A: “Ugh, eugh, gross, man.”
    Crew B: “What’s wrong? Somebody poop on the handle?”
    Crew A: “No, piss to the rim.” [He exits.] “That’s too nasty, yo,” he tells the rest of the crew before leaving the bathroom.

  • Free stuff tossed periodically into the crowds included cups, watches and little ping pong balls.
  • Later during the concert, even people who had been stamped weren’t allowed back in because of the “fire hazard”—overcrowding by the Furnald lawns.
  • Some folks in the crowd were spotted sitting down for a little picnic of Nutella and baguette. Others were seen listening to their iPods and playing cat’s cradle.
  • At one point Snoop was trying to get the audience to do some sort of hand-waving-synchronized motion, and he gestured towards Low Library and said “I even want you guys by that White House shit, I don’t know what that thing is but it looks like the White House.”
  • Snoop ended the show by telling everyone to “Smoke weed, smoke weed, smoke weed.”
  • As Snoop was leaving, passing by the pillar outside Carman, he suddenly stopped, ripped down a flyer, and signed it for one of the maintenance guys who had apparently just asked him for an autograph. It was badass.
  • Oh yeah and Das Racist were there too! Look out for our interview later today.
  • Photo credit: Steve Welsh