The technical term is eyasses.

NYU’s adopted hawk family, Violet and Bobby, have been the subject of a lot of concern recently. Bird experts, and Bwog, claimed that the pair’s eggs past due earlier this week, but to the shock and surprise of live stream viewers, one chick has since emerged! College students aren’t the only people who procrastinate in/on Bobst Library. The NYTimes City Room is hosting a competition to name the new babies. Bwowk, anyone?

The ornithological relief was short lived, however, as bird-watchers noticed a blue plastic band tightly wrapped around one of Violet’s (the mother) legs. Her leg has since swollen, and hawk experts suggest that if it is not quickly removed, Violet will lose her leg, her life, and thus her babies. A daring rescue plan is being formulated by University officials and hawk rehabilitation experts. Supposedly, it will involve an 18ft long pole-net and some poor sucker climbing out onto the roof. Best of luck!

In other hawk-related news, Hawkma might be dead. Until there is certain evidence, Bwog refuses to speculate about the loss of a campus legend.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Photos via NYT City Room, Taylor Siedel.