Need a break from your summer vacation? Log on to SSOL!

The University Registrar sent out an e-mail this morning announcing two new registration periods scheduled for this summer. You will be able to add and drop classes on SSOL from Monday, June 13th, through Friday, June 24th and from Monday, August 1st, through Friday, August 12th. There will be no priority in registration on the basis of class seniority.

By introducing this extra time for students to rearrange schedules, the hope is that organizing classroom allocation and TAs for discussion sections will be finalized earlier in the semester.

The delay in organizing sections and finding spaces for them to meet was a major problem identified in the Report of the Arts and Sciences Classroom Committee, released in January. They’re doing everything they can to prevent scheduling more classes on Friday, which would “represent a major change in institutional culture.”

The problem is, most students aren’t changing their minds over the summer. We tend to shuffle around classes once the semester has already started, and have a chance to attend the first lectures and seminars. The new summer registration will no doubt be useful for those who didn’t get the chance to finalize their schedules before their registration periods closed, but it’s unclear how much this is going to change the prevailing culture of shopping for classes in the fall.

To All Undergraduate Students:

Following the work and the recommendations of the Classroom Committee, chaired by Professor Jean Howard, I am pleased to report that Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, the School of General Studies, and Barnard College collectively worked with the Office of the University Registrar to add two opportunities for you to make changes to your fall 2011 program of study.

You will be able to add and drop classes, on-line through SSOL, during the following times:

  • ** Monday, June 13th, through Friday, June 24th
  • ** Monday, August 1st, through Friday, August 12th

Please note that these registration periods will be open to all continuing students and that there will be no registration priority on the basis of class standing.

The goals of this pilot initiative are to ensure that enrollments are as accurate as possible prior to the start of the fall semester, thus assisting in classroom allocation and TA assignments as well as to assist you in settling your program of study in a timely fashion.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Advising Dean in the Center for Student Advising. If you do not know who your Advising Dean is, please consult SSOL.


Barry S. Kane

University Registrar

Columbia University

Not an office via Wikimedia