See day five, 9 AM

A self-procalimed “sorority princess” finds unorthodox benefits to her Sonicare. In Daily Intel’s latest installment of their Sex Diary series, “the sorority girl with breast implants,” who hails from our very own Morningside Heights, shares her salacious stories. We (along with numerous tipsters) have deduced from the quips about Health Services’ unavailability and monogamy as a “social construct” that this Carrie Bradshaw-wannabe is an authentic Columbian. Bwog has indulged our erotic appetite in the past, but this titillating tale features African E, a “non-Ivy transgression,” and masturbating while fantasizing about a completed thesis. Moral: never share toothbrushes, and cap it before you tap it.

Here’s a teaser to get you started:

3 PM: Office hours with my favorite professor. Turn around as I’m taking my coat off to give him a full look at my ass in favorite jeggings.

You might not want to read this at work…

Good vibrations via Wikimedia