I Laughed, I Cried!

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An anonymous tipster just let the more fortunate and securely-housed-since-April Bwog know that summer transfer assignments have been released. Go forth and find your fate.

Update as of 07/18: Several commenters have replied that they have not yet received their new and improved homes. We can confirm that some have indeed already been released, so the only thing to do is wait. And listen to LCD.

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  1. Where do

    bees live when they go off to college?

  2. Anonymous

    where on the website do we find out if we got transferred?

  3. Anonymous  

    I don't think everyone's were posted yet.

  4. Ummmmmm

    I don't think they've been posted


    At least mine was posted. No Wein FTW!

  6. Hey Bwog --  

    According to Housing, the posting of some summer transfer assignments was a mistake due to the applicants' previous rooms getting reassigned and the system automatically notifying them. Everyone else should be notified within the next two weeks.

  7. John Kenney

    Can someone post what numbers were released? I had 2838 and still have no notification.

  8. Anonymous

    senior with 2800. no notification. so about that nursery...

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