Boringside Heights: Got Brits? Edition

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The West Way Café has transformed. The diner isn’t open yet, but it’s not clear what we should expect. The only culinary feature of note in Manchester, England, is its Curry Mile, but this Manchester’s decor doesn’t hint at any South Asian flavors… One could also entertain hopes of a budget-friendly eatery, given that Manchester, New Hampshire is the cheapest place in America. The sign’s different fonts typefaces only further frustrate speculation.

Infinite possibilities...


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  1. Ed

    Why can't we just go to the Winchester?

  2. it's "ITS", not "it's"

    change it so my eyes can stop bleeding

  3. Anonymous

    nooooo i loved west way

  4. Anonymous  

    Bwog, have you looked at the new seating out by the VanAm quad? You should check it outtttt

  5. Anonymous

    To be honest, being a Mancunian is almost as bad as being Irish but it is definitely a start.

  6. ...  

    does it really fucking matter? thanks to this shithole, i'm in so much debt that my life is effectively ruined.

    • Sick and Tired

      I am completely fed up with people commenting on Bwog complaining about their lives, and especially how much they hate Columbia. You knew how much it was going to cost you when you accepted it, so if you couldn't afford it, why did you come? If it's really that bad go talk to Financial Aid and see if they can sort something out.

      If you have troubles, NO ONE CARES (at least on Bwog, you should really go see counseling services, they care very much and I can vouch for them). I for one love Columbia and it sucks to see whiners and complainers sullying our very own Bwog.

      • ...  

        how much debt are you accruing during your time here, dearest voice of reason?

        • Sick and Tired

          About 50-100 thousand, which to be fair may be a little on the low side. Then again because you go to Columbia it should be easy enough to get a job that will pay that back fairly quickly. If you intend to go into a career that pays a pittance but you enjoy wholeheartedly, then you should have taken that into account when you decided to take on the debt. Unfortunately we cannot get everything that we want. If you take on debt, you need a high paying job. If you want to do your passion (which may also be high paying - although that's normally an exception rather than the rule) then you maybe you should have thought about not going to Columbia or finding extra sources of funding. If you do want to go into a high paying career, well then Columbia will certainly help. If that's so, even 200,000 dollars of debt, while a lot, is not a crippling debt for your entire life.

          It's your choice. If you made the wrong one, don't complain to the world.

    • Joe

      Is there not a less expensive school you could go to?

  7. designer

    I think you mean typeface, not font. Also, it looks like one or, at most, two typefaces in the sign. A color change does not a new typeface make.

  8. Makes me think of

    Wee Britain

  9. Anonymous

    RIP WEST WAY. you had delicious, cheap burgers and milkshakes that were delivered promptly, rain or shine.

  10. Quick Fix

    Curry mile = South Asian not Southeast Asian

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