Core Professors Revealed, the Section Shuffling Begins

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Another sort of Revelation that you'll study

We check SSOL so you don’t have to! A few days ago, Lit Hum and CC profs were unmasked, and today Art and Music Hummers should be up too. Bonus points if your Core professors are actually on CULPA. (Hint: they never are.) Google away then wallow or rejoice!

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  1. handsome asian guy

    cool story bro.

  2. Anonymous

    merrrrr why couldn't this have overlapped with summer registration?

  3. nope...

    ... no art hum, just music hum

  4. Anonymous

    spectrum beat you guys to this by like 2 days.

  5. hot law school guy who likes rap CLS '12

    now i ain't sayin she's a gold digga, but, she ain't messin wit no CUNY Law 3L n*gga

  6. Anonymous

    I would be in a music hum section without a professor listed. Why the fuck do they wait so long? People are going to switch sections regardless.

  7. Ah, but Bwog! That's where you're wrong!

    CULPA has nothing but good to say about my CC prof - It's gonna be a good semester, Bwog, I can feel it in my jimmies!

  8. Anonymous

    I really and truly hope this enthusiasm lasts through the entirety of your sophomore year!

  9. Boo

    My CC prof is not up yet. We look under schedule in ssol rite?

  10. Anonymous  

    not only is my prof not listed (since it's for music hum), but my section isn't even listed in the directory of classes. weeeird

  11. Dean Yatrakis

    You can all switch to the Core section you want, but you first have to do the truffle shuffle.

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