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Have you ever looked at your First Year Writing syllabus and thought, “I wonder which one of these girlbosses is most like me?” You finally have an answer! Below, you’ll (hopefully) find the vibe you emit via the course readings that have your favorite professors in a chokehold.

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Unsure of where to start when looking for classes? Debating on whether or not you actually want to follow through on your original plan for a major? Bwog’s here to help! Ah, yes…the Black Friday of the fall semester. Before you know it, you’re going to have to make the most important decision yet before […]

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Thursday night, Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs hosted Arianna Huffington and DJ Khaled in a discussion of his new book, The Keys. The book provides readers with DJ Khaled’s modern philosophy on success. Deputy Editor Mia Lindheimer covers the event. Let me be clear: I didn’t follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat until I was standing in line for this […]

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What’s the latest petition making the rounds? Not to worry: Gabrielle Kloppers is on petition watch (yes, that’s a real Bwog job) and she is ready to break it down for you. Students recently started a petition on to add Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies and Intro to Sexuality Studies to the Global […]

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GSSC is cool with time but hot with passion, which fits perfectly into the theme for their upcoming gala! Bwogger Jennifer Nugent, a more constant force, brings us up to date. Last night, the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) meeting was perhaps most noticeable for its brevity! In this week’s meeting, the council ran through […]

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Tonight, we received a tip regarding a conversation on the official Columbia College Class of 2018 Facebook page. A student posted in the group asking if classmates knew of any Contemporary Civilization sessions taught by “a professor of color.” The post has since inspired a conversation concerning people of color’s (POCs) rights to attend classes taught by professors who are […]

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A student group called Unweaving the Core is currently preparing for a performance of The Odyssey which will take place throughout multiple floors of Hamilton in April. The group, which includes Core Scholars and other student group members, is seeking passages from other works that relate to the Odyssey and its themes—including enslavement, migration, and […]

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Remember when myBarnard almost dropped everyone’s classes? Yea? Today, if you have bad professors, shitty lecture sections, or otherwise crappy classes that you don’t want anymore, feel free to drop them…but of your own volition. Make your changes before 5 pm, because that’s CC’s deadline for adding, dropping or changing sections of a Core class. For […]

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Tonight’s Actual Wisdom: Gary Okihiro, Comparative Ethnics professor and expert on the Department of Social Formations, humility, and how many times a person can die.  1. Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer. Throughout my over thirty-year career, I’ve had to justify my field of study, comparative ethnic studies, repeatedly. Now I’ve got to […]

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We check SSOL so you don’t have to! A few days ago, Lit Hum and CC profs were unmasked, and today Art and Music Hummers should be up too. Bonus points if your Core professors are actually on CULPA. (Hint: they never are.) Google away then wallow or rejoice!

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Where Art Thou?

Bwog’s Wednesday feature, Where Art Thou?, is here to keep you posted on what’s going on in the A&E department in Morningside Heights and beyond (basically all the cool events your friends are in/on/at). If you would like your Lit Hum in a Week event posted on Bwog, now you can! E-mail us at Wednesday […]

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