Bwog: Keeping Your Piggy Bank Slightly More Full Since 2006.

In the beginning there was Tenka, the no-fee app that lets students use social media to redeem first come, first served coupons at local eateries. Oh, and how could we forget the ultra-hip CampusFood? Thanks to the latter, we’ve been holed up in our rooms since last September with a continuous stream of flex-funded Kitchenette pancakes.

And then there were three.

UniEats, a food discount service founded last Fall at UPenn as PennEats, has just launched a Columbia branch. The deal is simple: buy a $15 card ($12 during pre-sale) online or through campus representatives at any time during the school year and use it through next May to get between 10 and 20 percent off your bill at participating local markets, coffee shops, and restaurants. Highlights include P&W, Amir’s, and Maoz. Check out the full list (and restrictions) here. According to their site, UniEats will give a portion of all proceeds to local charities.

Image of the thing you hide from your roommate but secretly think is cute via Wikimedia Commons.