Eating in comfort (and style!).

Though changes in Dining aren’t as drastic as last year’s, some business is going on, and we think there are some bits in here you’ll like.

  • JJ will offer new items such as “sandwiches and sliders at the Pizza Station, and new specialty burger and sandwich options at the grill.”
  • JJ’s Place will have expanded hours on Thursday through Saturday, from 12-8pm.
  • Some more booths have been set up in Ferris Booth Commons.
  • John Jay has been refurbished with new chairs, new light fixtures, and a newly painted white ceiling meant to add light to the dining hall. This sounds dramatic, but we snuck in for pictures and were pretty underwhelmed. (see below)
  • The Nescafe machine that loved and left us is back! (see farther below)

Other new white ceiling.


New (?) Chairs.

New white ceiling.

How we missed you!

Chubby cheeks via Wikimedia.