Overseen: Elevator Drama

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The following arrangement was spotted in Furnald—which may we puh-lease just emphasize is NOT Carman—this past weekend. We’ve got to hand it to the guy who made this sign: you’ve done excellent work with the shading on the giant arrow. Nothing says “clean up after yourself” like some classic light-to-dark 3D action.

Seriously, where did he/she get a laminator?


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  1. Anonymous

    maybe something else was there before

  2. Anonymous  

    ... that looks like Vitamin Water to me.

  3. Anonymous  

    whoever posted that needs a swift kick to the shut the fuck up

  4. Furnald Frenzy  

    It was, in fact, Vitamin Water.

  5. Anonymous  

    furnald is a little wild this year i hear. if i were a freshmen, i'd get the hell out of carman and go party in furnald.

  6. Anonymous  

    It looks like just tape on top, not laminated...

  7. Actually it was...  

    ...Citrus flavor.

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