Free Food: Impact Your Community, Stomach

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Steps of Earl Hall, decked out for tonight

Community Impact, the university’s largest service organization (and cause for a great schmooze-fest at PrezBo’s mansion last semester) is holding an open house tonight in Earl Hall from 6 pm to 9 pm. They promise copious amounts of free food as well as live music in the lobby, all in the hopes of wooing you to join them: you’ll get to meet & greet coordinators from all of Community Impact’s 27 groups when you’re there. Additionally, CI this year has combined its event in Earl with open houses for the University Chaplain Staff and United Campus Ministries. Full list and locations are below.

  • Community Impact Volunteer Recruitment 6-9pm, Earl Hall Auditorium
  • Get to know the Office of the University Chaplain Staff 6-8pm, Schiff Room
  • Meet the members of the United Campus Ministries 6-8pm, Dodge Room

Plus, Student Global AIDS Campaign will hold their first meeting in Hamilton 603 at 8 pm and promises free food as well!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Taking free food from an AIDS awareness group with the false pretense of joining their cause... That's pretty low even for Bwog

  2. Anonymous  

    is there a non-pizza free food event?

  3. Anonymous  

    the free food was great...crumbs mini cupcakes and giant chocolate eclairs, baklava and tea cookies

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