A New Culture War

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Freedom fighters can be seen sticking it to the man outside Butler every day and night.

Bill O’Reilly can have his war on Christmas, but here at Columbia a long-smoldering war has been newly stoked—the war on smoking. For millennia, men, and then most recently women, had lounged inside the confines of Butler Library relaxedly puffing away towards a state of greater tasty tobacco-scented peacefulness and pseudo-philosophical coolness. First they kicked them out of buildings, and then they pushed them away from entrances. Now, in the latest affront to man’s communion with and combustion of nature, the university has placed multiple eyesores in front of Butler. To add insult to injury, they even took away what were probably the most used ash trays on campus. The average health-conscious student has gained nothing from what will undoubtedly be ineffective signage, and the university has gained further plausible deniability.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, there's an outdoor smoking ban in NYC.

  2. Anonymous  

    Am i the only one who thinks there's really nothing wrong with providing negative incentives for people to quit smoking? Let's be honest, it's the smoker's fault he started smoking in the first place; it should be his responsibility to quit or go find a f**king desert island where he can slowly kill himself without affecting other people.

  3. anon  

    the person (of whatever gender, or in-between, or whateverjustleavemealone) who came up with the tags on this post is clearly a smoker.

    • Only Bwog  

      Would have a "why is longevity assumed to be a universal value?" tag. It's these tiny moments of genius that keep me away from Spectrum.

      • Healthy Boy  

        It's not what they're doing to themselves that's the problem, it's what they're doing to everyone around them in the process.

        In other parts of the world, there are little enclosed bus-stop like booths where people must stand in to smoke. It keeps litter off the streets, and all you see is a crowded glass booth full of smoke.

        If you're going to kill yourself, that's fine. But don't harm others in the process.

  4. Anonymous  

    This has been the rule for quite some time. Now it looks like they're finally enforcing it in front of Butler.

    Great news I say. I'm sick of inhaling a coal mine every time I walk to class.

  5. Great job!  

    Finally keeping up with Barnard I see :)

  6. Anonymous  

    Honestly, this is bullshit. No matter which side you're on, that's such a piece of shit sign. If you're going to have policies, then fucking enforce them with shit better than 8th grade CAD projects.

  7. Anonymous

    perhaps the donuts are marked up as a disincentive to eating them....

    • that tag

      has some finer contours. If we look at the article it's used for, we might surmise that the tagger is drawing a comparison between two things of exorbitant cost--and suggesting which one wins in the marked-up society.

      Donuts are marked up as a disincentive to eating donuts, indeed! But if they were cheaper, see, the cigarette industry might find itself threatened. Who'll buy a pack for a price that can nab you many, many highly-caloric, sugar-infused energy rings (especially when you're looking to take on that third all-nighter and not flame out for lack of sustenance)? Not I, said the goat!

  8. Anonymous

    Get rid of all smoking on campus!

  9. Van Owen  

    Dirty Hipsters...

  10. people who complain about smoking  

    should i call the


    fuckers, chill out.

  11. Anonymous

    Blame Mayor Broombungler, the engineer who is clueless about human nature.

  12. Anonymous

    Just stuff John Gutfriend's morning cigar up Broombungler's congestion pricing

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