Freedom fighters can be seen sticking it to the man outside Butler every day and night.

Bill O’Reilly can have his war on Christmas, but here at Columbia a long-smoldering war has been newly stoked—the war on smoking. For millennia, men, and then most recently women, had lounged inside the confines of Butler Library relaxedly puffing away towards a state of greater tasty tobacco-scented peacefulness and pseudo-philosophical coolness. First they kicked them out of buildings, and then they pushed them away from entrances. Now, in the latest affront to man’s communion with and combustion of nature, the university has placed multiple eyesores in front of Butler. To add insult to injury, they even took away what were probably the most used ash trays on campus. The average health-conscious student has gained nothing from what will undoubtedly be ineffective signage, and the university has gained further plausible deniability.