We ran through the Columbia updates a few days ago, and now we’re catching up with Barnard. Matt Kingston, Associate Director for Housing Operations, reported the following ameliorations:

Welcome back ladies!

  • Reid: Upgraded hallways on every floor means new paint and carpeting for all your cartwheeling needs.
  • Brooks: The 4th and 5th floors boast refinished woodwork. This means all the doors and door frames were stripped of paint and refinished in their original color. The Lewis Parlor (the lounge on the 1st floor of Brooks) will reopen this year with library-style study tables and lights.
  • 600: Renovated kitchens in the A and F line apartments were fitted out with new cabinets and counters. The bathrooms got new floor and wall tiles, and shower stalls.
  • Plimpton: New AC and hot water supplies for the whole building.

Little home on the prairie via Wikimedia