Contemplating the purchase of beer pong materials: to Duane Reade, or not to Duane Reade?

What do ping pong balls, alcoholic beverages, and condoms have in common?  I’m sure a first year Carmanite can tell you—and now Duane Reade is using strategic (read: subliminal) marketing to save everyone a bit of time. [West Side Rag]

Apologies to all lovers of anarchy, protests on Wall Street, and V for Vendetta; according to a law from 1845, no more than two people in any given party can be wearing masks during a protest. [Gothamist]

Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene will only cost New York City $55 million.  Can we even call it a “hurricane” anymore? Irene, we barely knew you. [NYT]

Weinergate may have whipped up a political firestorm—but now the greatest voice of our generation has spoken.  Hopefully this means we can finally lay the bizzare scandal to rest and begin the process of healing. [Gawker, GQ]

Fun idea for a “Thinker” drinking game via Wikimedia Commons.